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Bring some creativity and joy to your day. 

Workshops with fun and exciting crafts such as pop-up books, different kinds of puppets and other creations using simple materials.


This website is in construction, soon you will have more information about the art workshops.


Art Workshop in Schools

The art workshops for schools could be designed to your class, regarding their age, interesting or subject their are learning in the moment.

Home schooling workshop

Bring some art and creativity to you to your children's day and develop important skills such developing fine motor skills, self-expression, communication and much more. Classes can happen online or presential also in groups or one-to-one.



Enjoy quality family time with your children. Art can bring everyone together and you will be surprise how much you can learn about your children emotions and dreams sharing a creative project with them.

"Firstly, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Fernanda who facilitated the workshop, I cannot praise her highly enough. Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious and the children were active and engaged throughout the workshop as a result of this. She also provided one to one support to the children where necessary.

The support and encouragement she provided throughout was invaluable."

Nessa Redmond | 4th Class Teacher

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