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Meet the Artist

 Fernanda Ferrari, is a visual storyteller, arts facilitator and performer passionate about creating stories that awaken the inner child within people.

Image an Interview: Elena Christofanon

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To know more about me and my 20 years of experience working with creative projects,  please visit my webisite here 

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama, from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp/Brazil), Fernanda’s practice is focused on cultural and social contexts, exploring creativity as a tool of personal and social transformation.
In 2015, Fernanda migrated to Ireland and developed projects that aim to inspire young audiences to develop self-esteem and connect through art and use their creativity to enhance their lives.

The Arts Council of Ireland awarded Fernanda in 2021 with the YCPC Bursary to study Puppetry with the PuppetSoup Theatre Company, in Wales.
In Ireland, Fernanda performed at Mother Tongues Festival and is also a proud Language Explorer facilitator at their not-for-profit organisation. There she has the great opportunity to work with multilingual families and play with the idea of reminding people to ​​reconnect with their inner child, dreams, desires and all the magic.
In 2022, Fernanda was awarded by the South Dublin County Council Arts Office the Individual Artist Bursary, which made it possible to research and develop the original show “What to do on a Rainy Day”.
Post-developing this project is her goal for the third received award, the YPCE 2022. This project will be integrated into her current research at The Civic Theatre, through the Ready, Steady, SHOW! Digital commission 2022-23. A programme of work for Children and Young People, across both live and digital platforms. Fernanda also sees this as an opportunity for her own company, Bubble of Light Studio, to create high-quality work for young audiences.
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