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Gracie & Gab

The best friends

Gracie is my baby. She came to life in the Easter of 2020 when the world was in lockdown and to heal my heart I started to design her and was a magic process. Then when I started to study puppetry I decided to give life to her and a voice. But she was feeling alone so I decided to give her a friend, Gab. Now they are inseparable and they are performing a Lambe Lambe Theatre show together called

"The Dream that Escaped from my Head".

Have a look at THE MAGIC BOX project to know more about it.

I am still exploring the best way to manipulate them as they are really small puppets. Sometimes I bring them out to explore the world and they love it! 

Gracie's Process

Gracie Lee loves Easter.jpg

Gab's Process

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